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A creative planning department
    Combined with the customer's product positioning, marketing strategies, advertising requirements and cost plans, effectively grasp the reasonableness of the feasibility and cost of production, we will provide customers with a creative force of television advertising and marketing programs. We have to do our thinking is innovative, invasive cardiac our products, Chong Hing customer market.

B Production Department
    Creative work is good will manifested in the form of ideas, and that is, we call this good will with visual graphics show. In this process, we have carried out from an aesthetic point of the second creation. We are not just mere creators, more often we were still art.

C Production piece portion
    Configuring the best advertising and advertising crews actor according to customer demand. Do not ask us how many directors and actors,
If there are 100 other stores, we have 100 + 1. The resources we have on hand is always more than other stores.